Thursday, July 18, 2013

Jeanne Always Used to Say...

Birthday Girl - Now Gone.  But her big smile and her laugh lit the lives of all around her.
Hollywood, c 1950. 

Jeanne used to always say...

Let's have a nightcap and talk about life

Where have you been? I thought you fell off the ends of the earth!

Have you been out chasing boys?

Come up for cocktails and I'll make you one of my sure-shot snacks

Tell me your case history.

Funny ha-ha or funny peculiar?

It's raining like Billy Hell

They're busy making mad love

Would you like a cough drop? (Hall's, of course.)
 Don't worry. I'm not contagious

Let's just rise above it

Spread some charm while I get ready

Sparkle plenty

He's got money, marbles, and chalk

I like him in a negative way

Hmm... Looks like sex on the hoof

We can buy one if we live on beans and rice for a month

I'm a lover, not an eater

My hair color is 'mature blonde'

Shoulders back, chest out

Push up your glasses & stop scuffing your feet

 I try to live just like the alcoholics, one day at a time! [laughing]

I've got it tattooed on my forehead

Better not let fat Lucy out...

The monkey's dead and the show's over.

 Newlywed McGirks in Latin America. Jeannie is slender and stylish. Don has flair.Add caption

Another view of the gang at Roblecito Oil Camp in Venezuela. (Hat tip to Susan Young)    
L-R Frances and Gogs Ffoulkes-Jones,  Jeanne and Don McGirk, Walter and Doreen Poole.
In Southgate, Jeanne poses with brother Phil.  The Keelers often called her the pet name, "Susie"